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Delia Ramirez

Your State Representative for Illinois's 4th District


What Do I Stand For?

"Springfield is broken. Our working families are being nickel and dimed out of their paychecks, while the most-wealthy keep consolidating their riches. Senior citizens are spending their golden years deciding between paying their rent or refilling their prescriptions. And many of our students find themselves facing school closures or attacks on state funding for college tuition once they graduate.


We have real problems that require leaders with solutions. That's why our campaign recruited over 700 individuals as volunteers and small dollar donors to support our race for State Representative.


This campaign is about disrupting politics as usual. It is about challenging the status quo to ensure our families have safe neighborhood’s with fully-funded schools and social services, a strong economy with good wages, and healthcare for all.


As a lifelong resident of the 4th District, an accomplished social service director, and a fierce advocate of our neighborhood families, I am rooted and ready to bring our movement to lift working people’s voices to Springfield.


Politics is about improving people’s lives – let’s do it together."


Delia Ramirez
State Representative, 4th District

Where Am I From?

Delia Ramirez is an accomplished social service director, community leader and coalition builder who has dedicated much of her life and career to the Humboldt Park and Logan Square communities.

A daughter of Guatemalan immigrants, Delia resides on the same block where she grew up – Central Park Avenue between North and Bloomingdale in Humboldt Park. A graduate of Sabin Magnet Elementary school in the eastern part of the district and Northeastern University Delia recognizes the importance of public education and is committed to fighting for high quality, equitable education for all our children.

In 2004, at only 21 years old, Delia became the Executive Director of Humboldt Park Social Services, now the Center for Changing Lives.

During Delia’s tenure, the agency served more than 2,600 households with food, shelter, clothing, housing and employment placement, financial counseling and other forms of assistance. She built the agency from a staff of six (and a budget of $189,000) in 2004 to a staff of 18 (and a budget of $1.2 million) by 2013. Today CCL is a city wide organization nationally recognized for its innovative work on housing and financial stability programs.

An Emerging Fellow of The Chicago Community in 2013, Delia has been a leader in neighborhood and city-wide coalitions for balanced neighborhood development, an elected school board, the Fight for 15, Automatic Voter Registration, a recipient in 2007 of 35 under 35 leadership award and La Raza Community Leader award in 2013- just to name a few of her accomplishments.

She has served as the board president of Logan Square Neighborhood Association, District Advisory Chair of the 14th District Police Department, Co-founder of the Chicago Justice for our Neighbors Free Immigration Clinic and currently the President of LUCHA, a community development and affordable housing organization in the district.

Up until December 2017, Delia served as Deputy Director of the Community Renewal Society, Chicago’s oldest faith-based social justice organization, where she oversaw the development, organizing and policy units. 


My Neighborhood Agenda

Delia believes that our government should work to create strong and vibrant communities where all people have access to the resources and opportunities they need to achieve a high quality of life for themselves and their families. As our state representative, Delia will be a champion for our neighborhoods in Springfield. She will fight to ensure all the members of our community can prosper by advocating for the things all strong neighborhoods need; housing stability, well-resourced public education, safe public spaces, economic and workforce development, affordable healthcare for all, and reliable and responsible government.

At the end of every quarter, United with Delia makes decisions about local organizations to invest in. You can apply to be one of these organizations here.

Housing Stability

Delia believes housing is a human right. Delia has a lifelong commitment and track record of working to address homelessness and ensuring all have access to housing. She believes public policy and government resources should ensure a stable supply accessible and affordable housing so that all the members of our community can live without fear of displacement.

Fully-Funded Public Education

As a product of Chicago Public Schools, Delia will invest in public education and continue to protect our public-school system from corporate interests which attack teachers and students to destabilize public neighborhood schools and profit from privatizing education. Delia believes that a well-resourced public education, including access to childcare and pre-k, k-12 education, and higher education, should be guaranteed to every child in Illinois regardless of what community they grow up in. 


Public Safety

Delia has invested her professional career in the social services and nonprofit sector. Through this experience she knows firsthand that violence is unequivocally a public health issue. She believes that proactive approaches that address the root causes of violence must be put into practice instead of reactionary policies of locking people with no opportunities for rehabilitation. Delia will fight to keep our communities safe by advocating for community based approaches to reduce violence, working to pass laws that keep guns out of our communities, and ending the cycle of recidivism by expanding opportunities for people with records to gain housing and employment.

A Strong Workforce

Delia understands that workers are the backbone of a strong economy and she is committed to supporting policies which protect and invest in workers. Delia will protect worker’s pensions because she believes that our government should honor the commitments it’s made to its workers. Delia supports a $15 minimum wage and she opposes “right to work” laws that undermine worker’s collective bargaining rights. Delia believes the state of Illinois must do more to invest and equip our workforce for the new global economy including high tech and renewable energy jobs.

Affordable Healthcare for All

Delia knows that minority communities often suffer the strongest negative impacts of health disparities. Delia is committed to fighting to preserve the care which currently exists while also building the movement for Medicare for All – a universal, single-payer healthcare system in Illinois.


Endorsed in 2018 by: 

Institutions & Organizations
Chicago Tribune Editorial Board
Grassroots Illinois Action
Our Revolution Illinois
United Working Families
Puerto Rican Concerned Citizens
Chicago Teachers Union
SEIU State Council (SEIU Healthcare and SEIU Local 73)
Citizen Action/ IL
AFSCME Council 31
Cook County College Teachers Union Local 1600
Illinois Federation of Teachers
Illinois Nurses Association
Chicago Federation of Labor
Illinois AFL-CIO
Personal PAC
Illinois Education Association (IEANEA)
LiUNA Chicago Laborers’ District Council 
Teamster Joint Council No. 25
Sierra Club Illinois Chapter

Elected Officials
Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia
Cong. Luis Gutierrez
Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa
Ald. Roberto Maldonado
Miguel Del Valle

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